7 Signs You May Have Missed That Your Female Cat In Heat

cat in heat

If you have a female cat, you probably know that she comes into heat every few weeks, but did you also know that there are ways to tell when she’s in heat? Understanding how your cat’s reproductive cycle works and being aware of the physical signs she exhibits during heat can help you care for her better and make sure she has healthy and safe pregnancy. This article will tell you 7 signs to tell if your female cat in heat, so let’s get started!

1) Changes in urination pattern

The most common sign of a cat in heat is urination outside the litter box. This occurs because the hormonal changes cause their sense of smell to increase, and they may mistake other cats’ urine for their own.

2) Litter box gets used more often

Cats are meticulous creatures and will always want to keep their living quarters clean and tidy. However, when a cat is in heat, they will begin to use the litter box more often than normal. This can be because they want to make sure that the scent of their hormonal changes don’t remain in the area which may attract other cats or because they are trying to cover up any potential scent trails that could lead another male cat to them.

#1: If your female cat is using the litter box more often, there’s a good chance she’s in heat. Make sure you have enough litter boxes for her so that you don’t have an accident on your hands!

3) She’s meowing a lot more than usual

It may seem like your cat is just really affectionate right now, but that’s not the case. She’s actually in heat, and if you’ve missed the signs this is a good time to start paying attention. Cats go into heat every few weeks when they are sexually mature, and it can last anywhere from three days to three weeks. The first sign is that she’ll be extra-affectionate with you, rubbing her head against your legs or furniture as she tries to get close to you. She might also start vocalizing more than usual, meowing or yowling for hours on end or even howling at night when she’s trying to attract potential mates.

4) She’s rubbing her head on your legs, furniture and anything else she can reach

The first sign that your female cat is in heat is her rubbing her head on anything she can reach. She may also be meowing excessively, which is a call for attention from any male cats in the area. If you notice that she has recently had another litter, this may indicate that she’s in heat. It’s also possible that you have no idea when she last had a litter because you adopted her as an adult and aren’t sure of her history.

5) She’s walking around your home more than usual

If your female cat is in heat, she will be walking around your home much more than usual. If you notice that she has been lying down all day and night, then it’s time to check her for signs of estrus. There are a few ways to tell if your cat is in heat. The easiest way to tell if your female cat is in heat is by noticing her enlarged vulva.

6) Her tail has taken on a curly appearance

Cats’ tails are a great way to tell what they’re feeling, and when they’re in heat, their tail may straighten out or curl. Make sure to pay attention when petting your cat’s tail; if it’s been curled up for awhile and then starts to straighten out, that could be a sign of her going into heat.

7) She wants to be near you all the time – she may even follow you from room to room in search of affection

She wants to be near you all the time. The most common sign of a cat in heat is that she wants to be near you all the time. She may follow you from room to room in search of affection. When she’s spayed, the behavior usually subsides but it can take up to two weeks for the hormones to level off.


If you have an unspayed female cat, you’ve probably heard of heat before, and maybe even seen some of the signs that your cat may be in heat. But as cats can have up to four cycles per year, it’s possible that your female kitty may be experiencing her first cycle and you won’t necessarily know it if it’s her first time! That’s why we decided to put together this list of seven signs to tell if your female cat is in heat (even if it’s her first time!). If you’re an experienced cat owner, you’ve probably noticed some tell-tale signs that your female cat is in heat, including licking herself excessively and rubbing against your furniture and legs.

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